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Susan is an Atlanta career coach and life & success coach who helps people identify and optimize their great work, leading to high levels of influence and life satisfaction. Career Coaching can help you in your path to success in life.

Have you been wanting something “MORE” for your life?

More balance, more money, more fulfillment, more loving relationships, more peace?

Do you feel OVERWHELMED by your demanding schedule?

Trying to keep up with everything coming at you is stressful and exhausting.

Does “falling in love with your life” seem far-fetched and unrealistic to you?

Thriving IS a way you choose to experience your life, of being fully-engaged and flourishing.

There IS a way out of this survival mindset where the goal is to make it through another day.
You can put an end to this draining and unsatisfying lifestyle.

Most people prolong the lifestyle they don’t want with this reason: “All I can do right now is survive; I don’t have time or energy to focus on thriving.” I call that an excuse and what’s vital to know is that thriving works the other way! Once you focus on thriving you’ll shift faster from the survival mode and into a mode that helps enable greater success in your life and career. .

There IS a way to thrive, to love your life — no matter what your circumstances.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that we can create a solution together through a consultative coaching process.
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