personal trainer certification | become a life coach | online personal coach ,personal trainer certification,become a life coach,online personal training,lifestyle coach.Just take a look at some of the talks we have in our database:

Sue Falsone (of Althete’s Performances and the LA Dodgers) presenting on the Thoracic Spine
Charlie Weingroff talking on all things Strength and Conditioning
Nick Tumminello talking about Rotary Training
Teaching the Olympic Lifts Mini Workshop with Charles Staley
Dan John on the Quadrants
Dan John Talk to the Staff on Programming
Dan John Talk to the Staff on Being Successful in the Industry
Sand Bag Training Hands On with Troy Anderson
Kelly Starrett of MoblityWOD talking about Mobility and Rehab
Neghar Fonooni and Joe Sansalone on Kettlebell Training
Neghar Fonooni on Advanced Kettlebell Training and Coaching
Sandbag Training 101 with Josh Henkin
And More!

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