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Nilesh Waghchoude (also known as Success Coach Nilesh) is a best-selling Author, Consultant and International Speaker. ( ) He has spoken at London Youth Conference, London Business School, Bradford School of Management, College of Engineering Pune- COEP, Lila Poonawala Foundation, Maharashtra Mandal London, Junior Chamber International, UK etc. He has consulted and coached CEOs, Directors, Managers, Professionals, Students, and Entrepreneurs etc.He has also travelled many countries in the world.
However he started from very bottom. Nilesh was born and brought up in India where English was not even his first language. After Studying at village and Taluka levels he came to Pune (One of the big cities in India) to study engineering. He was overwhelmed by the people and life in city because he had never experienced that before. He had lack of self-confidence but had lots of self-doubts and negative beliefs. He even failed in his first year engineering exam. However he kept going and graduated from engineering in first class with distinction.
Nilesh started his professional career as a Car Design Engineer. After working in India for a couple of years he went to USA to work for his companies’ clients.
His professional career was great but he wanted to pursue his dream of completing his MBA. To achieve his dream he quit his job and went to United Kingdom for his Business studies.
After completing his MBA, he got a job offer to work for one of the most prestigious luxury car companies in the UK and he started his job. He was very happy with his job, but this happiness didn’t last long. Something was going to happen which transformed his life forever.
Due to the economic recession, his company undertook the lay-offs route. As Nilesh was fairly new in his job; he was amongst the people who got laid off.

This was a massive setback for Nilesh. He had a huge education loan to pay back and there were no signs of the economy recovering. He applied for thousands of jobs and what he got was only rejections.
Nothing was seemed to be working for him. Nilesh began to think: how did he get here? how can he come out of this mess, survive and be successful?
At that moment he made a decision to change his bad situation and work diligently to become successful in his career.
He then started working part time for a very low paying job at Arts Centre where his job was to check the tickets at the door of the venue.
During this time Nilesh also started his own Business consulting company. He realized that it’s not our circumstances but our decisions that shape our lives & our future.
In his free time he started reading self-development books and listening to audio programs. He even attended LIVE training sessions, seminars and workshops by world-class people such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Harv Eker, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Brain Tracy etc. and his life started to get back on track.
Nilesh’s perseverance resulted in him starting to deliver successful coaching and training sessions that transformed many individual lives and businesses.
During the first year of the company he was the finalist for the two prestigious awards by Institute of Business Consulting UK.
(Best Newcomer to Consulting and Most Outstanding Achievement towards Continuous Professional Development)
Nilesh now takes Trainings, Consulting and one to one coaching.

Nilesh teaches those Precise, Proven and Powerful Tools & Strategies which will help you make FASTER Progress in your Career, Business and Life.
Using the principles he now teaches, Nilesh has transformed his own life, career, finances, health, and relationships.
He now works with professionals from all over the world to provide them smart strategies to make faster progress in their lives & businesses.
These strategies are made up of several critical secrets absolutely necessary for rapid & sustainable personal, professional and business success.
So please don’t even think of missing the information revealed in his book and sessions.
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So far Nilesh has helped his clients in following areas:
– Increasing their Income by 40-300% by his Efficient Money Management System (EMMS)
– Building their own Businesses from Concept to Reality (C2R) in less than 30 days
– Feeling Confident at Work place
– Growing Self Confidence and Achieving Maximum Results
– Increasing their Savings by 20-50% by his Strategic Financial Planning (SFP)
– Achieving their Personal Goals and Becoming Successful Strategically & Quickly
– Mastering the Skill of Time Management and Strategic Task Management (STM)
– Gaining Confidence & Power during Interviews.
– Designing Personal Blueprint for Long-term Success

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