Check Out This Cute Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

If you have a medium length hair, these cute hairstyles for medium length hair will give you a great inspiration on how to style your hair. Short hair can be chic, edgy and fun. Long hair is seen as dreamy, feminine and romantic. But if you thought medium length hair is boring, think again. In fact, it is the most versatile hair of all lengths.

Still not sure? Click site below to see some shots for haircuts inspo, and don’t hesitate to experiment with one or two. Keep the rest for later, or give yourself a challenge by trying a new, different look every day. It is possible!


  1. Fishtail Braids

Among all the hairstyles for medium length hair, these fishtail braids come first in our list. If you haven’t worn these cute fishtail braids, consider that as a personal challenge and give them a try. Romantic, messy fishtail braids take the classic twist to the next new level.

  1. Space Buns

Who said you need to be at Coachella to rock this look? Space buns are a beautiful and effortless way to make your hair unique. Hold up to two buns at the crown of the head and allow the rest of your mane cascade down. Besides, you can opt to collect all the hair into two buns at the back near the nape to achieve a more exquisite look.

  1. Flirty Low Pony

Tease it and curl it, you give it a name. When it comes to tailoring the ponytail, the entire world is your oyster. Sleek curls and a teased top are the final dreamy look, but a simple low pony is the best quick choice for gym days, errands and more.

  1. Beachy Waves

Short hair mostly makes curls appear short and wavy, while an elongated hair in most cases weighs down the texture. That is the reason these beachy waves are the best hairstyles for medium length hair. They are easy to maintain and look pretty beautiful. Whether you use texture spray or curling iron, the outcome is effortlessly cool.

  1. Upside-Down Braided Bun

Party at the back and business in the front. If you have an experienced braider, she will be able to create this in just minutes. And the outcome is this stunning look that will turn heads as anticipated.

  1. Pull-Through Braid

Once you have mastered French braids and fishtails, this pull-through style of braid should be the next thing you should go for. The front strands are pulled into a braid, and the rest of the hair is left to lie down. Or else, you can gather the entire hair into a pony if you are looking to achieve an updo version. Once you are acquainted with all braiding techniques, the styling options for the braids are endless.

  1. Low Messy Chignon

It is not a must for a bun to make a statement for it to be gorgeous- a sleek and sweet knot at the top takes little time to style and looks fabulous.